Wave Bench

Furniture & Product

Furniture Client: Marieclaire McCabe

Designer/Maker: Chris Miller Design

Wood Supplier: Arciform Limited

Wood Species: Birch Plywood (Finland), PEFC & FSC

Location: Liverpool

Inspired by a love of pattern and a desire to use waste materials, this bench demonstrates we can make beautifully crafted, visually exciting, and functional furniture within a zero-waste philosophy.

This project shows we can reuse materials without compromising on style or craftsmanship, as the designer sought to make use of the plywood off cuts from CNC machines which are otherwise discarded. The designer was inspired to create a process where even the smallest pieces of waste can be repurposed.

Scraps of ‘waste’ birch plywood are meticulously and precisely cut into individual blocks to make the components parts of the pattern. Each of the individual blocks are then assembled by hand and glued together to form the intricate pattern, while larger scraps are used for the legs. The piece is then polished and finished with natural oils to give a smooth and durable surface.