UK Hardwoods Storage Building

Commercial & Leisure

Architect: Tom Bedford, UK Hardwoods Ltd

Client/Owner: UK Hardwoods UK Ltd

Structural Engineer: Buckland Timber

Main Contractor: UK Hardwoods and Wedgewood Buildings

Joinery Company: UK Hardwoods and Wedgewood Buildings

Wood Supplier: UK Hardwoods Ltd

Species: Glulam, Larch (UK)

Location: South Molton

Using timber from the client’s own land which had been earmarked for felling due to larch disease, these local businesses collaborated to build the largest UK-grown glulam structure ever made.

This storage building is an example of local businesses working together to make use of timber in a sustainable and creative way. The build took consideration of the entire life cycle of the building, from construction to function, and even its potential deconstruction in the years to come.

The clear span design with no central posts is both practical and visually appealing. Larch glulam posts and a pitched curved rafter form the structure, which was then clad with larch and sheep’s wool insulated panels.

The whole project occurred within a 27-mile radius, including the felling and sawing of the timber, design, manufacture, and installation. While the project took place almost a year to the day, the build itself took only four days with a crane used to lift the frames into place.