The Mews House


Architect: Russell Jones Limited

Structural Engineer: Techniker Consulting Structural Engineers

Main Contractor: TAD Builders

Joinery Company: TAD Builders

Wood Supplier: Brooks Brothers Timber UK

Other Wood Suppliers: T. Brewer & Company UK, Lilleheden Denmark, Tomasz Raczynski TAD Builders, Barth Innenausbau KGS, Andy Thompson, K and D Joinery

Larch Glulam Beams: Lilleheden

Cabinetry: Barth Innenausbau

Engineered Timber Joists: T Brewer Limited

Species: Engineered joists, European Larch, Douglas Fir, Larch Glulam Beams

Location: London

Photography credits: © Rory Gardiner

A relaxed and informal refuge from the world, this sustainable, beautiful urban oasis uses timber as the primary material, both in its structure and finish, to imbue the house with natural warmth.

The home is a simple celebration of timber construction, which manages to be both beautiful and subtle. Accessible only via a narrow passageway, what was previously a garage and garden of an adjoining house has been transformed into this 127m2 home, which follows the natural slope of the site over four slightly separated levels.

This limited access meant materials and construction methods all had to be of proportions and weight that could be carried or trolleyed by hand into the mews. These challenges were seen as an opportunity to create a special, sustainable home that eschews familiar London domesticity

The engineered joist, timber stud and OSB sheathed frame are faced in brickwork only where it meets a boundary, while all remaining exterior cladding and expressed glulam are from Larch.  Furniture, including desks, beds, shelves, cupboards, and doors are made from the same Douglas fir boards as the interior lining.