The Green House


Architect: Hayhurst and Co

Structural Engineer: Ian Wright Associates

Main Contractor: Rebuild London

Joinery Company: Rebuild London

Wood Supplier: Eurban

CLT Engineer, Supplier & Installer: Eurban

Species: European Spruce (Austria) and Cork (Portugal) – PEFC

Location: London

Photography credits: ©Kilian O’Sullivan & Tom van Schelven

A timber superstructure brings together a sustainable family home that is sustainable, practical, and flexible, as well as joyful, playful and full of colour and life.

The concept for Green House draws on the green history of the site, gardens and woodland surrounding the plot, blurs boundaries between inside and outside spaces and ‘re-greens’ the site, re-instating the site’s historically verdant character.

Cross-laminated timber, which is the main material choice, has been deliberately exposed throughout the house to visually express how the material has been grown and constructed, tying the house in with its green, wooded setting.

Double-aspect long views are created throughout the house to front and rear gardens and surrounding woodland and trees, creating a sense of openness, and blurring inside-outside boundaries of the house.

With its low carbon footprint, and eight-month construction time, Green House provides an exemplar prototype for a contemporary family home that could be replicated on other restricted sites, or duplicated on a larger scale as terraces, not relying on side windows.