Oak Desk with Upstand

Furniture & Product

Designer/Maker: Holly Timmis

College/University: Building Crafts College

Wood Supplier: Blumson Timber

Wood Species: European prime Oak, FSC

Location: London

Designed with personal use in mind, the student sought to create a piece which was unique, practical, and beautiful, while allowing them to explore technical challenges.

With consideration to a short time frame, the designer sought to create and craft with simplicity in mind across the manufacturing process. The challenge for the student became around how to design a practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solution without moving parts, whether doors or drawers. The desk works practically as well as being a beautiful focal point, able to work centrally in a room as well as against a wall. Built out of European Prime Oak, the material selection and design of the desk allowed the student to for the first time explore creating curves into the object.