IO Collection

Furniture & Product

Furniture Client: L. Ercolani

Designer: Lars Beller Fjetland

Furniture Maker: L. Ercolani

Wood Supplier: Adriadec and James Latham

Wood Species: Ash and Walnut (Europe)

MDF: James Latham PLC

Location: Buckinghamshire

Images: Christian M Andersen

Elegant while friendly in form and character, the IO Collection demonstrates the meaningful relationships between objects and their users, throughout a product’s lifespan.

The IO collection carries a calm yet distinct presence; subtle but nevertheless assertive. It features a range of coffee and side tables that instantly commands attention in any room, where the bold magnetising presence is eye-catching yet unobstructive taking inspiration from the earth’s solid foundations. The sinuous profile creates a continuous, uninterrupted silhouette from top to bottom, while providing a homogenous, unblemished surface perfect for displaying books, magazines, and various design objects.

The original curvature and structural integrity of the IO Collection reflects L. Ercolani’s commitment to honest and profound furniture design. With a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, L. Ercolani have fostered a deep appreciation for solid wood furniture through a century of knowledge and manufacturing skills, from its associate company, Ercol. Available in pale ash and walnut timber, the elemental warmth of natural wood is a soothing complement to IO’s refined profile.