Chord Chair

Furniture & Product

Designer/Maker: Sam Whyman

College/University: Waters and Acland Furniture School

Wood Supplier: Duffield Timber

Wood Species: European Oak (France)

Combining Danish mid-century design with contemporary influence, this student design includes woven lumbar support which offers firm but gentle support to the lower back.

Designed for use as an easy chair, it was the student’s final piece during their studies at Waters and Acland Furniture School. With a low seat and relaxed back position, the chair encourages the user to relax and unwind.

A mixture of traditional craft skills, along with contemporary machine and production practice, were used to make this piece. Each leg is crafted from solid oak, while the profile of the rear legs was produced using CNC templates to create spindle moulder jigs.

The backrest and seat are made from shop-made laminates, with veneers glued up and bent over a former using a vacuum press. Meanwhile the lumbar support was produced by the traditional practice of weaving but using a synthetic cord for the elastic properties.